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Creating Brand transformation IP

GR Infraprojects Ltd. (GRIL) is a leading Infratech firm that is making waves across the industry. One of the fastest-growing infrastructure company in India, GRIL has the vision, the connects, the determination and the brilliance that every organisation aspires for. However, their success story had to be narrated to the world, more importantly to their 13,000 plus employee base. GRIL wanted to reach out to its talent pool across its remote geographies and cement a strong communication channel that would bring the community together and establish GRIL as a great place to work. GRIL needed a unique Value Proposition that would resonate, attract, create and retain a culture of excellence. GRIL needed a marketing mind who can weave a fine tapestry between Talent Management & Employer Branding.

repliCMO took up the challenge of curating and creating a Value Proposition that would transform GRIL’s Employer brand image. We created marketing properties for GRIL that kickstarted with constructing effective internal and external communication processes, nurturing leadership connects, effective change management for fostering digital transformation (adoption of SAP Success Factors) and, curating a novel brand positioning on social media channels. GRIL has witnessed a phenomenal change in its brand perception and popularity amidst the target talent pool besides a seamless communication process across its employee base.

repliCMO's strategic intervention has instituted and augmented our brand value. Their profound understanding of marketing and communication principles, along with impeccable execution capabilities, has helped create and enhance our Brand Image

– Archit Agarwal,
Director (Operations)

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