Strategic marketing

Strategy is everything. We invest effort and time in understanding your organisation’s vision, constructing your marketing objectives and drawing the roadmap to achieving these objectives. Strategy is what drives the growth of an organisation and we have designed a comprehensive module that takes care of this crucial domain.

Fractional CMO Services
Is the right marketing talent evading you? Long gestation period, high cost of hiring, deep understanding of the sector and right concoction of B2B and new age marketing skills - Do you often bounce these phrases with your talent acquisition manager? Need an able soul to lead your marketing efforts but not finding the right fit & your business can’t wait to be marketed! In this age of instant gratification, why wait? Our Plug and Play Fractional CMO model is here to kick start your marketing journey. All designates - Marketing Head , Head - Content Marketing, Head ABM, Digital Marketing Lead, Head Demand Generation & Performance Marketing ...
Account Based Marketing
We work with the marketing and sales team in B2B companies reimagine their Go To Market (GTM) and better align with the digital-first expectations of today’s modern B2B buyer. We create powerful ABM campaigns backed by leading platform Folloze, aimed at augmenting engagement and generating pipeline and help CMOs smartly structure their account-based marketing strategies and deliver on them with focused, appealing and relevant content, ultimately making the buyer journey easier.
Content Marketing
Content without the right marketing is like an undocumented king. We will ensure that besides being relevant and having recall value, your content appears on the right channels, at the right time and in the right format. After all Content is King. Awarded Top 10 APAC Content Marketing firm in 2022 & 2021 by CMS Asia, our content marketing practice makes you lead.

Brand management

Your brand is your identity and also what differentiates you in a customer’s mind. repliCMO can craft the desired perception of your product/service in the minds of the end consumer through its brand management module.

Media and public relations
It is imperative to strengthen your brand identity for the stakeholders in your company—clients, employees and shareholders. We know the pulse of the media and with that insight can design the ideal PR strategy to promote your brand on the right channels. We can manage your media presence in a fashion that pulls in and demands the right attention. You never know who is reading, watching or listening.
Industry and Analyst relations
Acquiring visibility on platforms that matter and communicating with the focal audience is crucial for an organisation that seeks to carve a niche for itself in the industry. Knowledge of industry trends, access to hidden opportunities and the ability to influence your customer’s landscape are some of the vital by-products of strategic analyst relations. repliCMO can be the perfect conduit, messenger and torchbearer who can build and maintain your industry and analyst relations and magnify your brand presence.
Thought leadership and persona management
Engaging your customers early in your marketing journey and resolving their problems using your expertise and talent is the key to building a long-term relationship. We have the expertise to design new-age personal brands that can make a deep impact with their thought leadership This has been working wonders for the B2B segment as it allows for genuine expression of the organisation’s ideologies and beliefs. It’s time to lead, challenge and inspire.