Fact Files - Data Security Council of India (DSCI)

Strategic Content Marketing

Annual Information Security Summit (AISS), the annual conclave of leaders in the cyber security realm, is the only one-of-its-kind in the Indian subcontinent. Data Security Council of India organises this summit attended by the who’s who of the Information security world. It’s an amalgamation of delegates, cyber security leaders and cyber professionals brainstorming cyber security possibilities, exchanging knowledge and spearheading India into the future of global data security. AISS aspires to be the showcase platform of Cyber Security Ecosystem and taking lead in charting Cyber Security Agenda for India and the world. A strategic content marketing intervention with roots in Thought leadership and detailed buyer persona mapping was charted that will eventually catapult AISS into the global spotlight and expand their delegate engagement.repliCMO orchestrated the intervention through content marketing tools on social platforms to generate pull and visibility for each stakeholder in the ecosystem.

repliCMO’s refreshing and strategic perspectives on creating marketing IP is to vouch for.

Vinayak Godse,
Vice President-DSCI

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