Our digital marketing IP creation model for the new world order. Social distancing has permeated into every part of our lives. Business is no different. Relevant to the current times, with gig economy taking flight, the demand and supply of services can be addressed from anywhere across the globe. This revolutionary model delivers marketing IP according to the operational demands of the world today. We create customized marketing IP that is strategic in its approach, surgical in its expertise and swift in its execution, as our delivery model is CONTACTLESS and digital.

No matter what happens, business must never stop.

Who needs it?

Emerging tech firms

such as in Cyber security, PropTech, FinTech, AI, IoT, Blockchain and EdTech domain, that are emerging stronger than ever and have the foresight to accelerate and focus on marketing their product/service according to the need of the hour. They need and extended CMO to cash into the huge surge.

Global organisations who wish to tap into Indian market

and resurrect their marketing IP, we become their India marketing office (right from strategy till execution) and deliver growth.

Growth stage firms in India seeking global/APAC/ME reach

but clueless on how to navigate their marketing journey and create the impact in desired geographies. We cash in on our alliances globally to steer them successfully, creating success stories.

How will we execute it?

MIND is the Key

repliCMO-NEO's proprietary tool--MIND (Mapping, Innovating, Noting and Deciphering)—helps map and bring into focus pertinent marketing strategy challenges that organisations face at each stage of their evolution. And as your challenges evolve, our tools and our strategies evolve for you. Our fractional CMO's with experience in the relevant geographies will mould the strategy and bring to life the alliances, that will fulfill your goals.