Emerging tech is the future and the future is NOW

The universe has a new pace. A pace that is compelling us to review and reset our vision and priorities, setting stage for a new world order that is inevitable. But in these difficult times, lies an opportunity that must not be overlooked. The COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions are a call-to-action for the emerging technology ecosystem to rise and create an inclusive world.

Fintech flourishes

Organizations have been spearheading the “bank the unbanked” movement using Data Science, AI, ML and Blockchain. For developing economies, the concept of financial inclusion was validated and put to test recently. There is still a long way to go and the realization of this inadequacy compels us to review our system and weaknesses and, invites us to fortify the security net over the unbanked.

Financial inclusion has a new found meaning in this era – seamless and consistent for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Healthtech highlights

In the wake of the recent disruptions caused by Covid-19 across the globe, health and wellness have taken priority and it is likely to dominate top of charts for a long time to come. The chinks in the healthcare armour have been exposed even in the most developed nations and, the developing world is barely prepared for the challenge. We have seen numerous innovations resting on fundamentals of emerging tech like Robotics, Data Science, Machine learning & IoT coming to the rescue in form of contact tracing apps, online consultations and supply chain.

Healthtech protecting humanity in every corner of the globe.

Proptech possibilities

The social distancing era is here to stay. Design “re-engineering” across commercial, retail, hospitality and residential segments is inevitable.  Maintenance tickets and space utilisation matrix through AI, ML, and IoT devices, marketing and inspection of property through drones etc. are some of the innovations that have suddenly become more relevant. Will critics still pass it as a fad or review their stand ?

Proptech dissolving the challenges that real estate faces across the world.

Edtech enhancements

The traditional delivery model in education and skilling are being disrupted across the globe. As education transitions online , there are numerous innovations and breakthroughs that the emerging tech industry is making to enhance and fine tune the new normal. With novel delivery solutions, simulations and blurring the geographical boundaries, skilling and education industry is ready for its biggest transformation ever.

Edtech innovations blurring the boundaries of resources, location and access.

Cybersecurity collaboration

“Remote” is the new default. All these innovations and evolution need a support and an armour that will ensure success. This is why cyber security will now be the top priority for the planet. With the new default (WFH, gig, virtual economy)– Data privacy and cyber security will have more serious ramifications. The market dynamics will dictate cyber security requirements and it will rise high on the business agenda. Both B2B and B2C businesses’ armour will need be widened and strengthened, now.

Cybersecurity as the backbone and armour of every industry, organisation and end-user platforms across the planet.

Call -to- action for Emerging tech leaders

In our research, leaders in the emerging tech ecosystem were anticipating and demanding the next phase of industrialisation. But many specialists and observers labelled this anticipation as unrealistic or futuristic. Challenges of adapting to the change, proving the futuristic ROI, expanding the customer base, real used cases and most importantly, making the unique IP viable in absence of market push were big concerns.

But the current scenario proves that we are already are on the cusp of that transformation….

Your target audience is ready for your innovations, real test cases are getting validated, markets have expanded beyond contours of  segmentation (B2B ,B2C, B2G, regional, national or global)  the ROI is undeniable. Its time to accelerate (your plans), build (your Brand IP), collaborate (with the right partners), reach out (to your Target Audiences) and win (the humanity).

NOW is the time to step up, not step back.

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