The Prisoner’s Dilemma – to conform or to defect

These are times unprecedented and the concoction that will emerge post COVID era is anyone’s guess. The uncertainty today is compelling organisations, to step back and practise austerity in most of their endeavours. The dilemmas haunting the virtual boardrooms are manifold – revenue vs costs, expansion vs churn, acceleration vs status quo, demand generation vs supply chain strengthening, innovation vs renovation, in-source vs outsource and most importantly to be a pioneer or a follower?

The idea of riding out the uncertain times with the certainty of a backup is, indeed comforting but what if this was the hour to take a concrete action and expand horizons?

What if we told you that you could break free from this dilemma and walk a fine but gratifying line between certainty and risk?

Neither should you conform, nor should you defect.

The solution to your dilemma lies in striking a balance and in collaborating with the market forces. This is the time when business models need to be re-invented, optimum utilisation needs to be the focus and targeted revenue generation must become the call of the hour.

Break free of the dilemma that binds your business like a prisoner. Take the next step. Strike a balance. Get your own marketing IP customised for these testing times and conquer the future.