Move over millennials… the generation curious is here

The digital universe has overlapped and permeated into every nook of our tangible and intangible world. This has given rise to a whole new set of consumer behaviour and the irrefutable need to understand it. *Research says that the emerging digital behaviours are disrupting media, and giving organisations a framework for success. That’s not all. A new research by repliCMO has revealed that there is a new target audience that is driving visionaries and inventions in the emerging technology sector.

You could be a millennial, a xennial, generation z, the silent generation or the baby boomer generation. But if you are filled with an insatiable inquisitiveness and a drive to learn, unlearn and relearn, you are the new target audience on the digital block.

You are generation curious.

Unlimited by your year of birth, you could be 15, 40, 60 or 90 years old, but if you are an answer seeker, a focused shopper, an explorer or a careful buyer, you fall under the *four archetypes of generation curious. You have transformed the way organisations and marketers think about and approach their content and digital strategies. Your curiosity is driving the emerging technology eco-system and the start-up market. You are a generation to reckon with.

If you are an entrepreneur in emerging tech, your enterprising spirit and endeavour make you an integral part of the generation curious. And who can lead this fascinating new demographic into the future better than you? It’s the right time to explore new horizons and woo the generation curious with your innovations. Millennials are decidedly passe… generation curious is here to stay.

*source Kantar Millward Brown and Blippar