Are you ready for the kill of the year?

No, we are not going hunting. Not literally. But like a hunter, every emerging tech business plans, prepares and strategically pursues its prey errr…. we mean its client. But when the time for the kill arrives, more often than not, the hunter is found wanting. Why?

Our *studies show that even the most suave pitches propagating AI, VR, IoT, Blockchain, Fintech, Proptech or Infratech may woo a business owner but still fail to make an actual sale. The reason is simply lack of preparation. You may argue against it. But hear us out. The problem is not with your pitch itself but with your target audience.

When you walk into a boardroom, you don’t just have to convince the CEO of the user-experience that your product/service offers but you also have to win over another obscure but equally crucial entity—the procurement head. It’s his/her job to question the validity of a purchase on different criteria. Evidently, the role of procurement is becoming increasingly intrusive in large corporations. You can’t deny it. You can only prepare for it. And how? By devising an additional but equally thought-out pitch that addresses the concerns of the procurement person—What is the ROI?

It is, however, equally vital for procurement personnel to understand a CEO’s decision and perspective. Sometimes it’s impossible to base everything on ROI. Sometimes it’s about quality not quantity. Sometimes it’s about long-term solutions, not instant gratification.

Nevertheless, as an emerging tech founder you already know that preparation is the root of all success. So begin your New Year with this profound insight, charge through all the potential dead-ends and walk into any boardroom with a conviction that your arrow will find its mark(s).

It is time for a perfect kill.